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The Return of Battle’s High Street

By Carol Harris Battle Town Council

Thursday, 11 June 2020


Battle Town Council Contributor


The Return of Battle’s High Street

With the Government’s plans to allow the re-opening of all non-essential shops from Monday 15th June, local shops across the country will be working hard to make their grand return to the high street as smooth as possible.

Images of abandoned high streets have been, amongst many, striking reminders of the huge impact COVID-19 has had on society over the last few months. The return of local shops to communities such as Battle’s could provide an important boost to the incredibly hard-hit retail sector, one thought to account for roughly a third of the UK’s economy.

Of course, a rebound of sorts will be very much dependent on the personal finances of individuals as well as how safe consumers feel on the high street. As such, many of Battle’s much-loved local retailers will now have the huge task of adjusting the shopping experience to make it as enjoyable as possible whilst maintaining social distancing measures.

Are you a local retailer?

For Battle’s High Street to really shine once again, Battle Town Council, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and English Heritage, would like to work with local retail owners in a collective manner. If you are a local retail owner please could you contact Battle Town Council to confirm whether you plan to reopen on the 15th June, or soon after, so we can include you in a coordinated effort to open the High Street in a safe and constructive way.

Battle Town Council wants to hear from you, please contact: Town Clerk, Carol Harris at

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