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Battle Town Council


Are you self isolating due to Coronavirus? Are you able to offer help to those who are isolated?

Battle Town Council would like to hear from you, we have volunteers who can help with:
Shopping - Collecting medicines - Someone to talk to 

Please click here to see our leaflet with further details. You should see this displayed on the noticeboards as well as located in a few local outlets. If you need help and don’t know anyone who can assist you, please contact us: 

Carol Harris (Town Clerk) 
Telephone: 01424 772210 (Mon - Fri 9 - 2)
07309 732536 (afternoons and weekends) 
Email: enquiries@battletowncouncil.gov.uk

For a list of businesses and services in the area still operating within the community please click here

Please ensure you are following the latest government guidance on COVID-19. For more information please see the gov.uk website.

You can also find helpful advice and guidance on the official website for MP Hugh Merriman here

Please note: Once published, all meeting agendas and minutes will be available to download from the relevant Committee page of the website.

General information and latest updates:

Almonry update Many residents will know ​that there has been much discussion about the current poor condition of the Almonry building.  As​ it is a public building of great heritage importance, the Council has taken its obligations seriously to consider how it might ensure that the fabric of the property is restored and maintained to a high standard.  There have been many discussions at several forums with various proposals considered.  The original aim had been to obtain a Heritage Lottery Grant to restore the ground floor, reinstate the south wing of the building and upgrade the electrics and plumbing with a view to ​providing additional heritage and educational uses.  This was unsuccessful; in part due to the bid being considered of ​insufficient monetary value.

Following several meetings of the Almonry Development Working Group, Finance & General Purposes ​Committee and Full Council (all notes and minutes are published on the Council’s website), it was unanimously agreed at the latter meeting that:

  1. the Almonry project is moved forward, as planned, to invite tenders for the repair, refurbishment and reinstatement of the South Wing of the Almonry;  
  2. Council will continue to seek and apply for grant funding and will place any unspent budget for the PWLB repayments into the Almonry EMR, pending a final decision on the way forward;
  3. with reference to the preliminary pre-tender project programme, reassess the financial implications at stages 13, 20 and 26, with a view to:
    1. continue with the project, as planned, to invite tenders for the repair, refurbishment and reinstatement of the South Wing of the Almonry            if not,
    2. revise the Council’s ambitions                                   if still not viable,
    3. consider whether the Almonry is suitable as the Council office

IV. up to £15k is made available from general reserves for the professional fees required to tender stage with the caveat that this be replaced if the project goes forward.         

The Council plans to regularly report publicly on the progress of this action and, as identified at III above, will reassess the project at strategic points to consider the options for this wonderful building. Once full costs are known, and subject to ratification by Council, there will be a full consultation on what residents feel should be the future of the Almonry.

Annual memorial inspection - The Council has completed this year's annual safety inspection of the memorials/headstones at Battle Cemetery and St Mary's churchyard. Visitors to the cemetery are asked NOT to reinstall any memorial which has been laid down as all pairs need to be carried out by a qualified stonemason. Anyone wishing to discuss the inspection or a memorial which has been laid down is invited to contact the office. (09/08/2019)

High Street skate ramp The council are fund raising to replace the skate ramp on Battle High Street. Further details can be found using this link skate ramp project


The Town Council office is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday

Full Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.  Dates, times and venues of these meetings are advertised on several notice boards throughout the town and are available on the webiste.  Members of the public are most welcome to attend and speak to Members about any issues during the public session or just sit and listen.

Ongoing project information can also be found on this website along with an opportunity to sign up to receive news posts automatically.